Česká ortodontická společnost a partneři potřebují Váš souhlas k využití jednotlivých dat. Souhlas udělíte kliknutím na políčko „OK“.


Souhlas můžete odmítnout zde


All procedures for resolving conflicts of interests are described in an appropriate section. They can be found on the website of the Ortodoncie journal or obtained from the editors. They cover three areas:

●       Potential conflicts of interest related to individual authors’ commitments

●       Potential conflicts of interest related to project support

●       Potential conflicts of interest related to the commitments of editors, journal staff or reviewers


An important part of these rules is the procedure followed by authors, reviewers, editors, staff, etc. to avoid conflicts of interest: all are required to sign a “Conflict of interest” declaration form, which must be updated at least once a year. They must also notify any changes in their circumstances.


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