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All manuscripts must be submitted in digital form (e-mail, USB disc, CD, etc.) with all appendices and in their final version. Authors must follow the rules detailed in the Ortodoncie journal “Instructions for authors” section. The editorial board decides on the acceptance of papers for publication based on the results of the peer-review process. Authors are notified of the outcome of the peer review as soon as possible. The peer-review process is designed as a double-blind review, i.e. the reviewers do not know the authors’ names and the authors do not know the reviewers’ names.

The publisher is entitled to ask authors to revise their work according to the peer review and editorial board recommendations, to carry out necessary linguistic revisions, or not to publish the work. Authors must highlight all revisions made in response to reviewers’ and the editorial board’s recommendations in the amended version of the manuscript, e.g. by tracking changes or by using different colours. They must also write a response to the recommendations and give reasons if they reject any of them. A detailed description of the peer review process for the journal is given in section: Peer-review process.


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