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By submitting the manuscript to the Ortodoncie journal, the authors provide the publisher with the right, or more specifically the licence, to use the work, to reproduce and publish it in print, on the internet in the journal in digital format, and in digital versions provided by the publisher. The authors grant the publisher licence for the use in all such media of photographs, figures, graphics and audio-visual recordings, including when they are a part of or an appendix to another work.

The authors provide the licence to the work in the form it was approved for publication, with due regard to potential further authors’ proofs; it starts at the point that the publisher accepts the work for publication and covers the duration of their copyright in the work, without quantity or territorial restrictions. Remuneration for the licence is set by agreement between the authors and the publisher. If the publisher does not use the licence, the authors are not entitled to remuneration. The publisher is not obliged to use the licence.

By sending a manuscript to the editors, the authors pledge that no rights of any person, no legal regulations nor good manners have been breached by the creation of the work or would be by its publication.


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