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The editor-in-chief of the Ortodoncie journal is the person fully responsible for its entire content and aims to publish a reliable, readable journal produced with due respect for its stated aims. The Czech Orthodontic Society, the journal’s proprietor, has the right to appoint and dismiss editors and to make important business decisions, in which editors should be involved to the fullest extent possible. Editors must have full authority for determining the editorial content of the journal. The concept of editorial freedom should be resolutely defended by editors even to the extent of placing their positions at stake. The journal fully respects the concept of editorial freedom. To secure this freedom in practice, the editor should have direct access to the COS president and management. The leaders of COS are not involved in decisions about scientific articles, peer reviews etc.; these are solely the responsibilities of the editorial board of the journal.

All editors have a contract that clearly states their rights and duties, the general terms of their appointment and the mechanisms for resolving conflict. The editorial board of the journal includes one editor-in-chief, who is fully responsible for the journal content. Then there are main editors, who are responsible for article processing, peer reviews, compliance with legislation, graphic design and printing. Associate editors have an advisory role and may participate in any work for the journal. All of these editors have full responsibility for the journal. In addition, the journal may employ consultants for specific tasks. The other staff of the journal are responsible for advertising, sponsorship, finance and the distribution of the journal.


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