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The editorial office of the journal has a fixed structure. In line with the requirements of contemporary editorial work for scientific medical journals, areas of responsibility are assigned to the editors.

The Czech Orthodontic Society stipulates that there are eight editors. Each of these has an area of interest and a role assigned to them, and this includes dealing with the related agenda. The supreme body is the editorial board, consisting of four members. Among other things, the editorial board checks the editors’ work, decides on the direction of the journal, and is the final authority in resolving conflicts. The editor-in-chief represents the editorial board and the editorial office as a whole.

The tasks and areas of interest assigned to the various editors are as follows:

Editorial board members

  • Editor-in-chief
  • Executive editor – scholarly articles, peer reviews, archives, communication with authors
  • Editor of the electronic version of the journal, compliance with legislation, regulations, article requirements
  • Editor responsible for the preparation, typesetting, graphic design and printing of the journal


Editors responsible for various functions

  • The section of the journal dedicated to COS
  • Interdisciplinary articles
  • Scientific literature research
  • Articles about non-experimental research and studies

The first four positions on the list are members of the editorial board. The president of the Czech Orthodontic Society usually serves as the editor of the COS section. There may be overlaps between the various areas of interest and editors may deputise for each other in dealing with editorial work, but always in due consideration to potential conflicts of interest and complying with other editorial rules.

Further members of the editorial office are staff responsible for running the office, its finances, advertising and suchlike. Typesetting and printing of the journal are contracted to an external company; the communication with this company must comply with data protection requirements, as indeed must any other editorial communications.

The members of the editorial office are appointed by a committee of COS, which is the executive body of the society. With exception of the information published in the COS section, the society does not interfere with editorial activities, leaving the editors freedom in their editorial work.


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