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Rules are valid from January 1, 2021

Authors must attach the following to their manuscripts (as per rules cited above):

  • Statement that it is an own original work by the author or authors
  • Statement that the work has not been and will not be concurrently submitted to another periodical
  • Statement that the authors do not have commercial, proprietorial or financial interests in the products or companies described in the article (these three statements may be together in one document)
  • Statement on avoidance of conflicts of interest (Conflict of interest statement) for all authors and contributors to the work
  • Statement that the rights of research subjects were respected (Human and animal rights consent)
  • Statement of compliance with the rules of informed consent (Informed consent), This needs particular attention if not fully anonymised data are used in the article
  • Ethics Committee Consent for retrospective and prospective studies
  • A statement that the work was conducted in accordance with the ethical principles of the Ortodoncie journal
  • Agreement to transfer  copyright for the work to the Ortodoncie journal


Where applicable, authors must also include:

  • Consent of a third-party copyright holder to reproduce images and other adopted material
  • Consent of study subjects to the publication of photographs or other personal data in the article, including cases where this is only necessary to support the validity of the result
  • Information about any anonymisation of the materials used in the article




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