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Manuscripts submitted to the Ortodoncie journal must be handled with due respect for authors’ confidentiality. In submitting their manuscripts for review, authors entrust editors with the results of their scientific work and creative effort, on which their reputation and career may depend. Authors’ rights may be violated by disclosure of the confidential details during review of their manuscript. Reviewers also have rights to confidentiality, which must be respected by the editor. Confidentiality may have to be breached if dishonesty or fraud is alleged (in accordance with Czech law) but otherwise must be honoured.

Editors must not disclose information about manuscripts (including their receipt, content, status in the reviewing process, criticism by reviewers, or ultimate decision to publish or not) to anyone other than the authors and reviewers. This includes requests to use the material for legal proceedings. Editors must make clear to their reviewers that manuscripts sent for review are privileged communications and are the private property of the authors. Therefore, reviewers and members of the editorial staff must respect authors’ rights by not publicly discussing their work or appropriating their ideas before the manuscript is published.

Reviewers are not allowed to make copies of manuscripts for their files and are prohibited from sharing them with others, except with the editor’s permission. Reviewers must return or destroy copies of manuscripts after submitting their reviews. Editors must not keep copies of rejected manuscripts. In the case of electronic reviews, all the data must be exchanged in accordance with local legislation (Czech Republic – Personal Data Protection Act; EU – General Data Protection Regulation). Reviewer comments should not be published or otherwise publicised without permission of the reviewer, author and editor.

Reviews are fully anonymous. The author does not know the name of the reviewer and the reviewer does not know the name of the author. When comments are not signed, reviewers’ identities must not be revealed to the author or anyone else without the reviewers’ permission.


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