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Editorial independence and integrity

The publisher of the Ortodoncie journal is the Czech Orthodontic Society. The society ensures that the roles of publisher, editors and editorial board are clearly defined. The publisher guarantees to the editors and the editorial board that their decisions are independent, and avoids possible commercial, political, institutional or other pressure. The exceptions are those cases where gross editorial malpractice has been proven by an independent investigation that could discredit or fundamentally alter the professional course of the journal. The publisher supervises compliance with procedures guaranteeing journal quality (including peer review and regulations for the revision or retraction of an article) and prevents unethical conduct (conflicts of interest, breaches of the rules of objectivity and confidentiality, etc.) as well as illegal acts (breaches of copyright and other intellectual property rights, breaches of the Civil Code, etc.). The publisher must not try to affect the ranking of the journal by fictitiously increasing any metric related to the journal (its scope, circulation, on-line readership, etc.).


Funding and other obligations

The publisher must be able transparently to document the funding of the journal. The publisher further undertakes to meet all contractual obligations made in relation to the preparation, publication and distribution of the journal. The publisher archives the final published version of each journal’s issue in electronic and printed form. Rules related to the electronic version of the journal are specified in Section 13: Electronic version of the journal, which also describes the process of archiving and managing the electronic version.


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