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Information for authors

Information for authors are valid from January 1, 2021

The Ortodoncie journal aims to inform the members of the Czech Orthodontic Society as well as others interested in orthodontics and dentistry about the affairs of the scientific society and developments in orthodontics and related disciplines; to provide materials for post-graduate and life-long education of specialists in orthodontics; and to provide information about scholarly and educational events. The journal is in Czech, with scholarly articles published bilingually in Czech/Slovak and English.


The journal is divided into the following sections:

  1. Social section and news from the Czech Orthodontic Society
  2. Featured news in orthodontics, such as reports from recent professional and training events, congresses and fellowships
  3. Discussions and criticisms, letters to the editor
  4. Academic contents (original papers, reviews of the literature, preliminary reports and case histories)
  5. Abstracts from foreign journals
  6. Reviews of scholarly books and postgraduate theses


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