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A copyright agreement is concluded between the Ortodoncie journal and the authors. Through this contract, the Ortodoncie journal acquires the rights to the work and to its possible publication. The agreement is signed by the author(s) of the work and is valid for one article (or other work) from a certain date, usually the date of submission to the editors.

If the article is accepted for publication, the authors transfer all the copyright (author’s rights) to the article, for any language and any format, whether in print or electronic, including all rights necessary or recommended for the use of images and tables accompanying the article, except for the following rights, which the authors retain:

  • The right to make further copies of the published article in full or in part for their own use in teaching
  • The right to reuse the entire article or its part in compiling their own works for textbooks of which they are the authors
  • The right to make copies of the article for internal distribution in the institution where they are employed

The authors agree that copies of the article made under these circumstances will continue to contain the copyright statement that appeared when the article was first published, or as requested by the Ortodoncie journal.

The authors guarantee that they have the right, legal capacity and necessary authority to conclude this agreement. The authors own the uncontested rights to the article and confirm that the article is original, has not been previously published and was written exclusively by the authors. The publication of the article in the Ortodoncie journal must not infringe copyright or any other rights of any person or other entity. The authors further proclaim that the article contains no illegal or libellous parts or harmful instructions or information that could make the Ortodoncie journal liable, and that the article contains no third-party matter except for that covered by a written consent to use or a waiver of rights in favour of the authors. The authors agree to provide written reports about the patients (if applicable) to the Ortodoncie journal on request. Integral to the agreement is the granting of the right to publish the names, biographies and photographs of the authors.

The authors further agree to indemnify the Ortodoncie journal, its editorial board, management and staff for any losses, liabilities, damages, costs, expenses (including reasonable legal costs), judgments or awards which directly or indirectly arise from, or can be attributed to, any infringement of the obligations set out in the agreement. The agreement is governed by the laws of the Czech Republic, except for situations where there is a conflict of laws.

The agreement is signed by all the authors of the article and is usually sent to the editors together with the submission of the manuscript. The agreement comes into force once the submission is received by the editors. A sample agreement is provided in Appendix I; the authors’ obligation to submit it to the editors is noted in the Instructions for authors.


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