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The Ortodoncie journal follows the rules and recommendations of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. Patients and other subjects participating in studies have a right to privacy that should not be infringed without informed consent. Identifying information, including names, initials or hospital numbers, must not be published in written descriptions, photographs or pedigrees unless the information is essential for scientific purposes and the patient (or parent or guardian) gives written informed consent for publication. Informed consent for this purpose requires that patients be shown the manuscript to be published. Authors must tell these patients whether any potential identifiable material might be available via the internet as well as in print after publication. The Ortodoncie journal archives informed consent forms with the first or corresponding author of the article, and must be accessible to the journal “on demand”. More information about the informed consent rules can be found in Section 11: Informed consent.

Nonessential identifying details should be omitted. Informed consent is obtained if there is any doubt that anonymity can be maintained – this means for almost all studies published in Ortodoncie. For example, masking the eye region in photographs of patients is inadequate protection of anonymity. If identifying characteristics are altered to protect anonymity, such as in genetic pedigrees, authors should provide assurance, and editors should so note, that such alterations do not distort scientific meaning.

The requirements for informed consent are included in the journal’s “Instructions for authors”. When informed consent has been obtained, it must be indicated in the published article. Authors of articles or texts to be published in the journal must confirm that they agree with and proceed according to the informed consent statement rules of the journal.


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